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With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to give your blog a necessary refresh. It’s not only good for your website, but it’s also improves the experiences of your readers, which of course is important. For me, I try to do my best to keep up with the nitty-gritty things throughout the year, but there’s something so special about the end of a year and starting a new one. In this blog post, I’m going to be share 14 ways for you to prep your blog for the new year!




You’re probably wondering what the heck is an SSL, but let me explain…an SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that websites use to showcase that the website is secured. It basically says that your website is safe to use and is trustworthy. You can see if someone has an SSL certificate by looking for the extra “S” in the HTTPs in the URL.

如果您希望有关SSL证书的更多深入信息,请肯定是Google IT或在Pinterest上搜索。这只是SSL证书的悬崖版本,但如果您还没有安装它,那么它很容易。如果您有一个自主托管的网站,那么将通往您的托管公司并将其添加到您的服务(如果不是已经)。大多数时间都是免费的,您的托管平台,但也有付费选项。

Pay for a website developer to increase your website speed

Have you ever clicked on a website on Pinterest and the link takes forever to load? Usually when that happens, I click off the website and go straight to another pin that loads more quickly. In those extra seconds that your website takes to load, you could be potentially losing a ton of traffic. Before the new year begins, I highly recommend paying a website developer to increase your website speed. This is something that is totally necessary for a blog refresh.


Update all of your pages

One that is a total must if you’re trying to refresh your blog is to update some of the most important pages of your website. While updating every single page on your blog can be a daunting task, here is a list of the ones that need to be done asap:

  • 关于我的页面 - 此页面是您可以让您的读者更多有关您,品牌和您的博客的使命的地方。您将需要确保包含您的姓名和与您联系的任何方法。
  • Contact page – this page is a spot where brands or readers can use to find contact information for you. I highly recommend having a blog email address that you use, instead of a contact form. It looks cleaner, and you’re more likely to see an email than a notification in WordPress.
  • Recommendation page – if you have a recommendation page or shop page on your blog, make sure to update this page regularly with your favorites and recommendations. It’s always good to double-check to make sure all of the links are working properly here.

Update or delete unused or outdated plugins

Something that is super easy to do is to address all of your plugins. It’s important to go thru them and see which ones that need updating or ones that you no longer use anymore. The reason why it is so important to keep your blog updated is because outdated plugins are still technically on your blog, and they are an easy entry point for hackers.



I know, you’ve probably heard it before but having a content calenda is actually super helpful if you want to elevate your blog. A content calendar is basically an overview or snapshot of what you plan to post to your blog and social media platforms for a certain time period. Instead of using a paper planner, I like to useAsana数字workboard,映射出我的想法和夏娃n store ideas that I can pull from for later. I took this course called内容日历系统在年初,它非常有助于帮助我规划我的内容。



Create a plan to reach said goals

Once you’ve written your blog goals, now it’s time to break down those goals into smaller goals that are easier to reach. Like I mentioned earlier, I break down my large goals into quarterly goals so this way I have something to strive for in 3 month increments. But find what works best for you!


Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas in your head that you can’t focus on one at a time? Sometimes I get like that, so I like to schedule in regular brain dumps where I write down every thought that I have. It’s so liberating being able to write down everything on paper and being able to utilize that information for later. When I brain dump, I give myself usually like 10 minutes or so to write down anything that I’m thinking about on a blank sheet of paper. Afterwards, I go thru my notes and figure out what I can use or not.


每当我做我喜欢做的一件事一个博客refresh is to write out a list of people, brands, or websites that I want to work with. It’s something like a wish list or bucket list of things you want to accomplish within the next year. I definitely believe in speaking things into existence; your words are powerful so use them wisely.


Fix any old or broken links

If you have some extra time on your hands, go back through your old blog posts and fix any outdated or broken links. While it may not seem that important, broken links can really hurt your rankings on Google and affect your pageviews as a whole. There are a few websites out there that will scan your website for broken links so that you can go through them and fix them.

Create an email list if you don’t already have one




Create a way to track your blog and social media stats regularly



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