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How to Support Your Favorite Influencers and Content Creators

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I started this little blog of mine in the summer of 2017 after I spent a solid 6 months of researching everything there was about blogging. When I started this blog, I was terrified of putting my authentic self online for the world to see. But I did it and I’m so thankful that I took that leap of faith all those years ago. My family and most of my friends are super supportive of my blog, but I’ve realized that most people in my life outside of my inner circle and my readers don’t know the best way to support my content or their favorite influencer. So in today’s post, I’m sharing 8 ways to support your favorite influencer and content creator online!

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing 8 easy ways to celebrate and your support your favorite influencer and contact creator.

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing 8 easy ways to celebrate and your support your favorite influencer and contact creator.

Read and watch their content

This one is definitely a given and must if you aren’t already doing this. Creating quality content on a regular basis takes a lot of time and effort, and it really does mean a lot when you take time out of your day to read a post or two. If your favorite influencer has a Youtube channel or email list, go ahead and subscribe to those platforms as well. Every little bit really does help your favs!

Like, comment, save

If you like someone’s content, take it a step further by liking, commenting, and saving their social media or blog posts. You don’t have to write back an entire paragraph, but if the influencer asks a question, respond back to it. It’s an awesome way to support their content and get a conversation going. Plus, nowadays Instagram and other social media platforms will prioritize your feed based on the accounts that you interact with the most.

Shout out on Instagram stories

One way to really support an influencer is to shout out their content or page on your social media platforms. Share why you follow them, what their content means to you, and anything else that you can think of. On the flip side as a content creator, it’s a great way to get your followers to go follow an account that you’re loving and strike up a conversation with your audience.

Tell your friends

This one is an easy one. If you have a friend or two who you think would really enjoy the influencer’s content, introduce them and share why you enjoy following their content. Want to do more than just talk about the influencer, send your friend a few posts so that they can get acquainted. Bloggers create their content to help people so if they can help one more person, they’ll definitely appreciate you for sending them their way.


One way that influencers and content creators make money is by providing links to their audience of items and products that they are loving. Sales through those links provide a little bit of money to the influencer that doesn’t impact your experience or price whatsoever. So if you find an item that you love through your favorite content creator, purchase it through their link and help them out!

Suggest potential content ideas

In the world of social media, there is a lot of pressure to stay consistent in producing high-quality content for your audience. Obviously, most of the ideas come from the person themselves, but it really doesn’t hurt at all for you to send them a DM or email asking them to cover a certain topic or to answer a question that you have. The whole purpose of a blogger or influencer is to produce content that you find helpful and valuable. By you sending in a potential content idea, it really helps lifts the load off the content creator and gives them something to work off from.

How to Support Your Favorite Content Creators

Enter in their giveaways

If you see your favorite content creator hosting a giveaway, take a few minutes to enter in the giveaway if it’s a prize that interests you. Giveaways can kind of hard to put together, and it’ll mean so much to them to see people excited about winning a prize. This idea is especially important if the giveaway is sponsored by a brand! Even if you don’t want to win the prize, share the giveaway on your social media or to your friend group that may want to win.

Purchase their courses and physical products

Some bloggers will start to branch out into creating online courses or physical products for their audience. If you see them doing this, support them if the product resonates with you! Courses and product take a lot of time to develop and create, which is why its so important to support their endeavors. Sometimes these products can be expensive, but most of the time the money goes straight to the creator.

I currently havean online coursefor any student interested in going to pharmacy school, if you want to support my little business. The course is calledFrom Student to PharmD, and I walk you through the entire process of how to get accepted into your dream program.

即使你绝对不需要做任何of the following if you don’t want to. That’s the whole thing about offering your support. It’s something for you to offer if you feel compelled to do so. Hopefully you enjoy the content of your favorite influencer or content creator that you want to show them your support in any way that you can.

How do you support your favorite content creators?

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